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How to Bale It Up High with Our Hydraulic Metal Baler

Those running metal recycling facilities don’t require any introduction of hydraulic scrap metal baler and its application in the recycling industry. A hydraulic metal baler is actually a machine of great significance for cold pressing an assortment of scrap metals into compacted shapes, e.g., cuboid, cylinder type, or octangle. The purpose of baling scrap metal to maximum density is for the convenient storage, easy transportation, and hassle-free recycling process while putting into a blast furnace.

Since metal scrap baling machine is undoubtedly a machine of purpose at a recycling facility, it is of great necessity to have the most functional, modernly innovative, and easily operable mechanical setup in place. Having such machine that is fast on the operation and easy on maintenance can smoothen up overall productivity without bearing too much of running cost. And that surprisingly with the minimum manual input.

‘Eco-Hydraulic’ is one of the reputable hydraulic baling press manufacturers in the region that has been assisting the recycling industry with such inventive baling press machines and various other mechanical setups. If you are looking forward to giving a gainful upgrade to your current metal recycling setting, lets us know.

How and Where Make Application of Our Hydraulic Metal Baler

Irrespective of the industry you are into such as steel mills, metal recycling, and processing industry, metal products industry, metal casting, and smelting industry, our hydraulic baling machine is designed to suitably integrated into any of the mentioned above. Thus, there are sorts of industries where you can make use of a metal baler. However, the metal baler you choose for metal recycling setting must be stable, functional, durable, cost-effective enough to suit your purpose and pocket.

We at ‘Eco-Hydraulic’ are helping industries for more than two decades and we have earned the tag of industry-leader in machine manufacturing and supplying quality triple action hydraulic baling press and steel scrap recycling equipment that holds a class and reputation for their features.

Features That Our Metal Baler Demonstrates

  • Unique hydraulic acceleration system, improved speed, power-saving

  • Cold pressing function to ensure possibly no alteration to the quality of metal material

  • Mechanism setting driven by hydraulic system provides stable operation with no annoying noise

  • Excellence sealing property and long service life with low maintenance cost

  • Superior quality sealing elements in the oil cylinder – it is capable of enduring high temperature and high-pressure resistant

  • Baler frame is integrated with a high-quality thickening steel plate that has good rigidity against tough wear and tear that ensures durability and long-term service life

Rage of Press Machines to Pick at ‘Eco-Hydraulic’

Soon after our establishment in 1997, we became an illustrious name in the recycling industry with our line of innovative metal recycling equipment and hydraulic baling press machine, hydraulic cylinders, and various other mechanical setups. We have developed all our machines with quality build material and futuristic technology integration. So, whatever we put on sale for buyers, be it scrap metal shear for sale or any other metal recycling machine, quality is something we never let it be compromised at any cost.

We have a range of machines to pick for your recycling facility and we give our clients to get the customized mechanical setup on their urge. Though the machines we have in our bucket are available in different specifications, we can add additional customizations in the machine to make it accommodate buyer’s metal recycling facility. Instead of putting our scrap metal baler for sale in haste, we recheck them for any error to ensure the highest quality of machine manufacturing.

Being a reputable recycling machine and equipment manufacturer, we have always been under immense pressure to produce products that meet market requirement. That aside, we are under sensible obligation to keep the aluminum scrap baling press and other metal baling press machine price low as to provide cost-effective recycling solutions to our clients.

We have set a milestone in machine manufacturing as our aluminum scrap baling press and all other machines for the recycling industry hold different and high standard than other manufacturers in the market. If you are looking for machines that come sturdy build quality, high-performance specifications, and low maintenance, bet upon us.