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Scrap Metal Shredder/Crusher Machine Sale

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Introduction & Parameter

As a good kind of supplement accessory of SBJ series briquetting press machine, SR series single shaft shredder is a crushing machine with perfect design. It’s widely used and qualified to shred various waste materials such as plastic blocks and pipes, woven bags, cable, wood , paper, domestic rubbish, electronic waste and so on. The suitable screen can be chosen according to fed materials and the next processing requirement. The output material discharged by the shredder could be directly reused or further shred into small pieces. SR series shredder can be equipped with many different rotor. Its rotor process request of cooling system, bead weld &wearing layer can also be additionally added.

Model SR600 SR750 SR900
Main shaft rev(rpm) 73 73 73
Pushing chamber route(mm) 500 820 820
Rotation diameter(mm) Φ220 Φ400 Φ400
Number of rotor blades(pcs) 23 33 39
Number of edge cutter(pcs) 2 2 2
Number of stator blades(pcs) 4 6 6
Discharge height(mm) 500 600 760
Screen hole diameter(mm) 40 40 40
Motor power(kw) 18.5 37 37-45
Hydraulic power(kw) 1.5 2.2 2.2
Cutting chamber(L*W)(mm) 600*510 830*768 900*830
Dimension(L*W*H)(mm 1850*1300*1700 2700*1500*2000 2700*1950*2150
Weight(kg) Approx*1700 Approx*3300 Approx4200

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Metal processing industry is quite big as the allying industries that are running upon metal things are beyond a specific count. Be it automobiles, medical equipment, IT gadgets & electrical appliances or any other metal manufacturers, they and their end users are left with a great load of metal trash that needs to be recycled for purposeful reuse of metal. Such industries might have in-house metal recycling facilities or they ally with standalone metal recycling units, it mandatorily needs to be ensured that recycling facility is equipped with top-edge technology and recycling machines.

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We at ‘Eco-Hydraulic’ hold a key spot in this industry line as we are one of the most reputable manufacturers of modern and inventive recycling machines and equipment. In order to ensure the utmost efficiency of your metal recycling facility, you must ensure that you have smart and efficient scrap metal shredding machine in place. If you are still working with the old-age metal shredding machines, we can come in useful to upgrade your facility with the right metal shredding machine. Are you not looking forward to enhancing productivity and ultimately better gain from your metal recycling unit? If the idea is working upon just your mind, let’s help you work a treat it on grounds by providing you with the right set of metal recycling machines.

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