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Alligator Shear Q08-250

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Introduction & Parameter

Q08 series waste metal alligator shear is our latest model released in 2008 (patent No: 200830290294.1). The device body adopts steel casting, overcomes the disadvantage of easy deformation of the welded plate. A new integration, which avoids the disadvantage of secondary installation. Shear head adopts steel casting, more durable. This machine is equipped with fast unit, shearing speed is doubled than before, the power is saved by 50%

Alligator shears cut scrap metal into smaller pieces and help to separate different material types, earning you more money from your scrap metals. This machine is used in waste materials recycling processing industries, scrap metal (iron, steel, steel pipe, etc.) cold shearing to different section forms of middle and small steel factories.

  • 1. A longer life, shear head adopts steel casting, overcomes the disadvantage of easy deformation of the welded plate.
  • 2. Simple operation, a new integration design, convenient movement, hydraulic control handle, easy to operate, can realize automatic and semi-automatic operation, convenient and reliable.
  • 3. Low failure rate: this machine adopts hydraulic control system, without the traditional electromagnetic value and other electrical components, low failure rate, low maintenance cost.
  • 4. Options for different force and blade length; no footing bolts needed, diesel engine optional for power.

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Parameter Value
Name Q08-250
Shearing cylinder pressure 2500kn
Press cylinder pressure 240kn
Shearing speed 10~20times/min (unload)
System working pressure High 25Mpa, low 16Mpa
Host overall dimensions 3500*1300*1900mm (L*W*H)
Blade length 800mm
Max. blade opening 420mm
Machine weight About 6.5ton
Max. shearing specs angle iron: 160*160*12mm
joist steel: 250*118*10mm
box iron: 280*124*11.5mm
steel plate: 30*500mm
square steel: 63*63mm
steel rod: Φ70mm
Motor Model Y200L-4
Rated power 22kw
Rated speed 1470r/min
Power specs 380V, 50HZ (changeable)
Pump Model 160YCY14-1B
Nominal displacement 160ml/r
Rated pressure 31.5Mpa
Control system electro-hydraulic directional control valve, button control
Optional configuration safety enclosure
Delivery One 20GP container could load one set